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HSE Policy

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

JJRS Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policy provides guidelines for responsible and ethical conduct of business with focus on safe guarding the health and safety of people, property and environment.

  • Promote occupational health and well-being of all concerned personnel.
  • Conduct all activities in a safe manner while avoiding injury to all concerned personnel.
  • Protect the environment – use resources wisely and deploy waste management principles in order to meet domestic as well as global sustainable development goals.
  • Comply with all statutory requirements concerning HSE
  • Strive for continuous improvement in HSE performance and standards.

For the effective implementation of HSE Policy and in order to achieve the aforementioned HSE Objectives, we solemnly pledge to adhere by the following principles:
  • HSE is non-negoable – Adherence to HSE Policy (rules, guidelines, procedures, statutory or otherwise) is a basic and primary condion of employment of all personnel.
  • ‘HSE starts with me’ and ‘I am responsible for HSE’ – This is the spirit with which all concerned personnel will perform their respecve tasks. Encourage colleagues and contract employees to act responsibly; look out for each other’s well-being as you would of your own.
  • Commitment to a strong HSE culture is a core value – A strong safety culture is vital to the welfare of all JJRS personnel and ensures long-term success.
  • Develop HSE competency by training – Provide necessary and required HSE training; each employee (including contract workers) commits to acquire the necessary HSE competency by fully engaging in training programs / workshops.
  • Completing work in a safe manner, stop unsafe work –Each personnel will contribute towards creating a safe workplace by rejecting unsafe practices and inculcating safety oriented behavioral practices. Every personnel will report all instances of unsafe conditions or practices, accidents and incidents without concern for retribution.